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PxHlpa64.sys BSOD

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I left my computer to do something else for approximately 15-20 minutes (I had a Skype call running and I think Crysis 2 may or may not have still been running) and I got a BSOD. Last night my system froze at idle and refused to wake or respond to any input so I was forced to shut it down via the power button. I have no overclocks whatsoever on my system.

· Windows 7
· x64
· Hardware is 5 Months old (Purchased in September) but the PSU is over two years old (Purchased in Christmas of 2010).
· I re-installed the OS to set-up RAID0 SSD's back in January.

· CPU- Intel i5-3550
· Video Card- Asus DirectCUII TOP HD7950
· MotherBoard- AsRock Z77 Pro4
· Power Supply - OCZ Modxstream Pro 700w
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I'd really appreciate an answer, as I just got another BSOD a minute ago.
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I really need someone to help me with this...
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