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Problem detecting second 650m on my y500 Lenovo for SLI

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Just like the title says, I have seriously gone to every single extent trying to get the video card to show up. Hope this thread is in the right sub. Sorry if it is not and I will bring this post to a different sub if it is.

Current major specs for the computer to give you guys an idea of what I am working with:
Lenovo y500 IdeaPad
- Intel i7-3630QM @ 2.4ghz
- 16gb of DDR3
- Windows 7 Ultimate (Legit copy), it comes with Windows 8 installed, with all working drivers etc. But I hate W8 with a passion, and as a game artist, I need my programs working flawlessly for perfect results with a lot of my work, and things have tended to be unstable in W8. I also just hate the new interface and layout of the OS with a passion. Why fix what aint broke?
- Two 650ms. One is soldered to the board (the one I believe is being detected, but am not 100% sure), and the other is in an UltraBay. If you do not know what an UltraBay is, google it smile.gif pretty cool tech.

Okay so now to the problem;
When I originally got the laptop (received it yesterday), turned it on, and played around with windows 8 to make sure it was worth the trouble getting W7 installed and stable, the video cards showed up and were working in SLI. Everything was fine and dandy and worked flawlessly.

Okay, so I was like... Screw Windows 8, this sucks. So I wiped out a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (why not? It was laying around) and I got everything installed, and nVidia drivers working, etc. I then noticed my secondary GPU doesn't even show up in Device manager. The BIOS is all proprietary for the laptop, and doesn't give me any info on the GPUs and their status. There was a moment though when the laptop was on and I noticed that a "Generic VGA Adapter" had showed up in the device manager. I then clicked on it, and I used windows to find drivers for it. Drivers were installed, and the device changed into a "GT 650m". Then told me to restart for changes, and I did, since I had a few other updates waiting.

Restart goes through, comes back to desktop without incident, and once again, only one 650m is shown.

Just like to stress that it worked just fine in W8, that I have installed many different video drivers, gone into safe mode to wipe each time cleanly, etc etc etc. I have been building and maintaining computers and computer systems for over 7-8yrs now (college student currently), and have never run into this problem.

Help. lol. I have run out of patience and options, and I know this is the community to go to.
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I just installed Windows 7 on my Y500 about an hour ago, and seem to be in the same boat. The second 650m does not show up in Device Manager. I have everything else working, as the drivers were available from the US Lenovo site -- except for the Atheros Ethernet driver -- that, I downloaded from the Chinese website.
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Also, my "VGA Adapter" didn't show up in Device Manager until I turned off the laptop, removed the Ultrabay with the second 650, and then powered back on. I pointed it to where the Nvidia drivers were, and it seemed like it took it. Laptop rebooted, and the second 650m still doesn't show up.
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So yeah, I know this isnt much of help... But.... I simply was messing around with it for a few hours, reinstalling drivers, rebooting, updating, etc etc etc. I then got up for a couple of hours and came back to it, booted it up, and Windows detected the new GPU. There was absolutely nothing different when I went to shut it down this time, but it seems to have simply fixed itself. I know your pain though. I searched every crack and crevice on the internet for a fix, even with other laptop brands with nVidia cards having the same problem. Nothing. And honestly, not surprising, it just fixed itself. Good luck good sir! Just make sure you have all your drivers up to date and reboot regularly.
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That's good to hear. Hopefully mine wakes up today and decides to do the same. I checked Lenovo forums, notebookforums, notebookreview, etc. and see others with this same issue. I'll reach out to Lenovo today for an "official' response. I have a feeling they will say "Windows 7 is not officially supported" even though they are now hosting all the drivers on their English-versioned website, instead of just the Chinese version. I'll give it probably 2 weeks before I cave in and go back to Windows 8 with Classic Shell installed, if I can't get the second 650m to show up. It only showed up the one time, and when I rebooted... POOF.
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Well this is weird. I turned my Y500 on, and the second 650m shows up in Device Manager, however it has the ! next to it. Tried installing the drivers for it, but it won't take. Still, at least it sees it.
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SUCCESS. I was using the stock v306 drivers. I installed the 310 drivers, and instead of rebooting, I shutdown (if that somehow helped). When I powered back on, got the pop up that my Y500 was SLI capable. Happy! Previously I had user Driver Cleaner also if that helps.



And... I spoke too soon. Installed some Windows updates and restarted. Lost the second GPU again. frown.gif
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So far mine has stuck around.... thankfully lol. I have my fingers crossed, there has been 2 restarts so far, and going to attempt to finish updating windows now. I will update the thread if there is another problem, and the updates seem to make it disappear again. TBH, I have no clue why they are going in and out. It is a very very odd occurrence in my mind. They have no reason not to be detected by Windows 7. Either way, I am 100% against W8, and will do everything in my power to make this laptop stable with W7 lol.

Good luck sir, and please do keep updating the thread! It is always good to document our findings, as we seem to be not alone, and hopefully the information we find could be of some minor use to others in the future smile.gif


So...... After installing some updates, the card disappeared again. Working out the kinks again. I think once I get it stable once again, I am going to stop updating. I need my laptop to be stable for work.


I did the updates and was just restarting. I remembered the last time I got the SLI to show up was when I shut down, went to a friends house and started back up and it just randomly appeared. I figured, why not shut down and try booting back up and hopefully the same thing will happen. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. After the updates and the GPU disappears I have to completely power down, wait for the computer to completely shut off, boot back up and the drivers will then detect the second GPU. weird work around, but it seems to work for my certain case. Currently running the most current driver, 314.07.
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Guys guys guys... If you would be so kind as to actually do some research first;

The Y500 SLi is NOT natively supported in Windows 7
If you want SLi to work like it should, use Windows 8


If you don't want win 8, then you're on your own. Don't expect lenovo to ever release a functional sli driver for win7.
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Originally Posted by radus View Post

If you don't want win 8, then you're on your own. Don't expect lenovo to ever release a functional sli driver for win7.

Yes. I know this. This laptop was built around the idea of using Windows 8, but for some of us, Windows 8 is not an option for use for our fields of work, such as mine. This thread was made strictly to provide an internet resource for others converting back to Windows 7.

There is no need to use any special workaround. To get SLI working on this laptop, simply get Windows 7 installed, manually install windows 7 drivers for all of the required hardware, and then install the newest Nvidia Drivers for the 650m. Once everything has been updated and installed, you should be asked to restart. Your GPU will not show up in SLI. Windows 7 will only detect the primary board GPU (the GPU actually soldered onto the motherboard of the laptop itself), the secondary UltraBay GPU will be ignored for some reason. You then have to completely shut down and then power back up to fully reset the GPU detection.

DO NOT RESTART. SHUT DOWN. IDK why this does the trick, and I really could care less, but after every major update that conflicts with the GPUs, will make the UltraBay GPU disappears within Windows. It requires a full shut down, and then power back up for it to recognize the secondary GPU. Upon powering up, your secondary GPU should show up for SLI within the Nvidia Drivers. thumb.gif
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