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Atrix 2 screen help.

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Ok. So I bought a used, damaged atrix 2 to go with straight talk. Service has been great. However, the screen was damaged. SO I order a an LCD replacement screen.......install it, good.However I have small dead spot right in the middle of the screen..........thinking it is the digitizer, I order a new one, replaced it just now, and I still have the dead spot..............Is it possible for something as simple as the front LCD screen to have "dead spot"??????????
I have done 2 factory resets, and the problem still exist.
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By dead spot, do you mean the touch screen is unresponsive in that area, or that the screen is dark?
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If black, you have dead pixels. You need a new screen.
If unresponsive, is this across all apps or just a select few?
If all apps ill have to look into it. If only on select apps, clear the data and cache for those apps. Should fix it.
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About a 1/2 inch bar across the middle of the screen, no response or barely little. I ran a screen test and it shows where my touch doesn't register.
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Crap. It may be a software issue then. Take it to wherever they bought it and get the receipt to honor the manufacturing warranty.
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i have a atrix2 an it had problem like that. it was a bad connection on the cable for digitizer.
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