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Console gaming monitor without aggressive anti-glare coating

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I just bought the LG w2442pa and I find it satisfies my requirements very well for the price range except for the fact that it has a very annnoying flaw for me - hideous super-aggressive anti-glare coating which makes light colors look dirty and gives the appearance of a constant film of grain/dirt on the screen.

Is there a monitor around the same price range (sub $250) and with a similar performance (low input lag being most important) that doesn't have such an awful anti-glare coating?

I'm almost considering an Asus VH236H since it seems to have very good reviews and most importantly it's got low input lag (8-9 ms delay). It does have an anti-glare coating, but I figure that nothing could possibly be as bad as the one on the LG w2442pa. Some people say it's a really aggressive coating, others say it's not bad...unfortunately I have never seen one for myself so it would be a gamble to buy one.

Ideally, I would prefer a glossy monitor (no anti-glare coating at all). Also, I thought I'd mention the only use for this monitor is for console gaming, so more than 60hz refresh rate is pointless.

Thanks for reading.
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If you ever find this mythical monitor, let me know, because I'm looking for it too.

I've given up and have decided that right now, the monitor I'm looking for just doesn't exist at that price range right now. I've settled on the Asus VH236H on the meantime.
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I'm willing to increase my price range if such a monitor exists.

All I really care for is less than 10 ms of input lag, low ghosting, and a glossy screen.
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The very best option would probably be the Eizo Foris FS2333, but it goes for $400+...

The only other monitor that comes to mind would probably be the Asus VG23AH which sits at $220ish, but the extra refresh rate that it provides will be useless to you, and you'll have to deal with horizontal lines (if you can see them) due to the passive 3D effect.

Personally, I don't think either is worth it if it's console gaming you're looking for (I wouldn't be able to stand those horizontal lines on the Asus), and I would just go cheap for now and wait for something to materialize later on, that's what I'm doing at least.

Alternatively, you could just try removing the AG coating off of your monitor or another (like the Dell U2312HM).
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Wow, after spending a couple hours reading on it, the Eizo Foris FS2333 is absolutely the perfect monitor for me.

Thank you!
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