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Originally Posted by Sean Webster View Post

Intel. Seq speeds don't matter. I'd rather stability and less latency over a tiny bit faster seq speeds any day.

Marvell ports get you ~400MB/s seq read while the SATA 2 will get you ~280MB/s. However, access times/latency will be less on the intel ports and 4K speeds should be little better on Intel. That is what you notice. Tho the performance difference b/w both is hardly noticeable due to the magnitude of difference b/w a SSD and a HDD and the OS optimization.
Yea, it will just not have control over/affect the Marvell ports. Only the Intel.

Alright, so I should go ahead and stick to the Intel ports until I get a board with native 6Gb/s support? smile.gif

Thanks Sean!
I've used your guide to setup 5 different friends' computers, so, ima go ahead and go with what you say thumb.gif
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I used Marvell for 6 months before i bought another m4 and made Raid.I didnt use it because it was slower but because on my X58 Marvell was faster then Intel sata2.When it was on sata2 i every time need to look windows logo,with Marvell never saw logo.Windows did boot faster,games was booting faster,mkvmerge muxing faster,everything was working faster.
O and i forget to say that my pci-e line was overclocked to 110mhz for that six months and i never had one problem.
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