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7950 problem

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I have a 7950 vapor x. I decided to watercool it. I added a EK waterblock and the temps are great @ 22 idle and never over 30 load.

I added VRM heat sinks on I/0 side.

Running at stock in Heaven causes it to crash after a couple of minutes, even though the temps are low. The screen flickers and then it locks up. It then refuses to boot, unless I take the card out, uninstall CCC + drivers and restart on igpu.

I've got two fans running on the vRam modules and I've tested the temps with my hand, the card feels cool through out.

Do you know what I can do to solve this?

I'm a little confused why this is happening.
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Could you provide further system specs ? What drivers are you running ?
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It's OK. I swapped back to the stock cooler and everythings fine.
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