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970A-G45 and FX8120 206 Degrees Issue (Fix)

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I know I am not the only person with this issue as i've searched for this issue and have seen some responses floating around. I found what I believe is a fix to this issue and wanted to share to those who have the same setup/issues.

It has to do with the MSI 970A-G45 and the AMD FX8120 reporting back 260 Degrees on programs like AMD Turbo Core and HW Monitor and other third party Temperature recording programs.

I first noticed this issue when I was playing BF3 on Ultra settings. I was getting a steady 60+ fps for about 20 minutes when all of a sudden the frames dropped for no reason. After looking at my temperature readings my Processor was 'reporting' 206 degrees and underclocking itsself to 1.4ghz. After reading up some I see that there has been an issue with the VRM on this board sending back faulty readings of temperature.

After troubleshooting, what I noticed was that the VRM heatsink was hot to the touch. I went into the bios and made sure that the CPU was running at a normal temperature, which it was.

How I fixed it: (Not My Personal Screenshots, menu examples)

Go to Standard Mode and select Overclock Settings

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on "CPU Features"

Disable ALL of these features

Save and Exit and Reboot.

After doing this I also had to place a system fan (used the one from the AMD heatsync) and set it on the top of my GPU (theres a rubber-like section around the case) and its blowing at 50% constant power towards the FSB and VRM heatsinks. After doing all of this I opened up a temperature reading program and was running BF3 on ultra settings at a constant 60+ fps with no hiccups for at least two hours straight and never saw over 40 degrees from the processor, and never saw it underclocked. I was overclocking it with turbocore to 4ghz for this constant amount of time.

Anyways, I hope this helps those who are running into similar or the same issues.
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The big oops with the new boards they tend to try to pump 1.4-1.5v through the chip at stock when 1.3 is good for even the worst chip
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