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Questions about overclocking i5-2500k

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Hey there. Got a couple questions about my overclock.
Have an i5-2500k currently overclocked to 4.4GHz through the use of the multiplier and some voltages. I have disabled: Intel Turbo Boost Tech, CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E), C3/C6 State Support, and CPU EIST Function. And fyi, my base clock is at 100 (stock). I have a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 mobo and a thermaltake heatsink (forgot which , but its a big one).

After running bth OCCT and Prime95, I dont even get temperatures past 60c. Ran OCCT for about 15 minutes during the process, then Prime95 Small FFT for about 8 hours, and Blend for about 10. All without crashes and errors.

So the questions:
1) Does this sound like I have a good, stable clock?
2) Any settings that I should turn back on to auto?
3) If I am only hitting about 60c, do you think that I could even up the multiplier more? Maybe 4.5-4.6ghz?
4) Why does CPU-Z and realtemp and OCCT show all three different values for the clock during both OCCT and Prime95 tests? (minimal differences)
5) CPU-Z and RealTemp both show that my core speed is fluctuating at 4.4ghz minimally, so does this mean that my chip is being ran at a constant 4.4? I would rather have a set that would flucuate depending on load rather than run my chip at that speed constantly.a

I will be forever in debt if I may have these questions answered. Its been a long time since Ive overclocked, so some of this is a little new, especially with a pre-unlocked Intel such as this. Thank you much.
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1. That indeed is an good overclock. However, what are the voltages that you are applying. I'm sure if it does not go past 60*C during load, then it must me minimal but still would like to know.
2. If you are still stable, you could try returning back the C-States (ALL) to auto as they would help lower the processor speed when not in use.(Do stress for stability)
3. If temps and voltages are alright, then sure yes.
4. I'm not sure how minimal the differences are, but if its just 1-2Mhz, then thats fine.
5. If you disabled all your C-States, then it would lower to say, 2700Mhz. If you want to let the processor idle under no load, you'd have to enable all the C-States

look at this links if you have any doubts
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1) CPU VCore is @ 1.340w/ multi-steps load-line disabled and the rest on touch bios auto
Here is my CPU-Z reading
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haha and man im wiggin out here. I just increased my multiplier to 46 (4.6ghz) and during occt im only running temps at most 60c. I have a thermaltake heatsink (i think it is the contac edition with 6 pipes) and arctic silver... am i not overclocking correctly or something? i would think that the 4.6 would create a significant amount more heat than @ 4.4ghz... what do you think?
heres the new reading:
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have you tested it for stability with new multiplier. that is a good o/c because my chip requires 1.36v to be stable at 4.6Ghz. Also, what mobo do you have
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