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PC Migration/ Project "After Thought"

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Hello fairly new member to OC net. Been visiting the site for sometime. Figured it was time to be more involved and share what I am up to. I have been building pc for some time like many of you and have dabbled in water cooling and modding for some time. Still a bit of a noob compared to some of the great modders here.

Background: Well this all started when a number of coworkers request gaming rigs after there tax returns. Figured the few bucks i would make would start this off. Started this with no real plans just figured create a budget and roll. That was a fail.Spent most of the water cooling budget on hardware upgrades smile.gif. well worth it. Now to the point.


Case: Corsair 500r ( first case on my list to go on sale, not the best choice) I do like the case.
Mobo: Asus V Formula ( not the Z, first version)
CPU: AMD 8350
RAM: G.Skillz ripsaw ddr3 1600 9,9,9,24
GPU(s): 2x MSI 7950 twin frozr3 and maybe adding my extra sapphire 7950( reference model, single fan cooler)
PSU: Cougar 1000w ( picked this up for 120 on the egg, one hell of a deal)
HDDs: Corsair nuetron 3 240gig, 2x 500gig wd blue in 0 raid, and a 1T WD green.

Water cooling parts(note a lot of this was randomly purchased at 3 am while some what intoxicated)

CPU block: heatkiller rev 3.0 tl block (owned before hand)
GPU block: 2 x EK FC7950 ( copper with clear tops)
Rads: EK 2 x 120, Aquacool Slim 2 x 120, and a red 120 gtx 2 stealth from Hardware labs. ( i will not be using the red rad, it doesn't match and was intended before I got second gpu)
Pump: Swiftech mcp 355.(owned before hand)
Res: XSPC daul bay res for single DDC pump (had intended on a nice tube style res for inside case. Budget and existing parts forced a change. Not mad about it at all)
Fittings: 3/8 ID - 1/2 OD Enzotech Compression, 1 EK 45, and 1 aquacool rotary 90.

Old PC

First thing I did was gut new Corsair 500r and sent a portion out for powder coat.

Jumped the gun on this a bit, but you don't say no to free powder coat. You take it when it is offered. I also did the all the grills, eventually custom side window. I will be sending more out for powder i think near end. More to come.
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Got the remaining parts to set up my loop. I did the work required to mount the 2 rads I am using. Mostly a little cutting and drilling. Cut the bottom of the case out a bit to mount the ek rad in a push pull, and did a bit of cutting on top for the second one.

A grill i made to cover the new opening.

The rad mounted with just the pull fans, a little carbon fiber vinyl film, and a mesh cover i made for the fans. I attempted to make it match the hammer tone powder. close enough for now.

The top rad.

Leak testing the rads and flushing out any thing that might be in them.

Hoping to have all the hardware installed by next weekend. Cosmetic stuff a side.
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Put the blocks on the video cards.

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New version of Asus v formula (Z) on the way seems i found a buyer for my current one.
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Got some more done
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Been a while, here is where I am with this project. Doesn't feel done. Don't think it's a rigg of the month candidate. Suggestions welcome.
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