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PSU -12v voltages fluctuation - CPUID Hardware monitor

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Hello all, i have searched a little but I could not find answer to this question.

Other voltage usages are clear to me but this one -12v isnt. And on my new Thermaltake SP-630 that is the one that changes constantly.

Here is a picture of voltages from HW monitor. All other stay in close range and dont change frequently but this -12v is changing every second.

Can anyone explain to me what this means and do I need to return this psu and ask for a new one?

Thank you in advance.

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Two things:
1. Software-based voltage monitoring is useless, so don't pay attention to it.
The question is: are you having any issues, like stability issues? If you are and you suspect it's the PSU, use a digital multimeter to measure the actual voltage coming out of your wires.

2. The -12V rail is not used by anything, so don't worry about it. Most likely your PSU doesn't even have a -12V rail. never mind that, I was thinking of -5V. Point #1 still stands and supersedes #2 anyway tongue.gif
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Thank you very much, no I dont have any issues, i have tested it on prime for 24h full load and beside noise from psu I havent noticed anythig.

Beside that I have swapped Raidmax 600w psu for this thermaltake just to find out that thermaltake is louder frown.gif

And noise is my only concern now cos i have to spend more than 10 hours on my rig, and I leave it during night.

It is sad that in Serbia I cant find quality psu, closest one are the cooler masters and chiftec but i have red that they are china too.

So i have chosen Thermaltake and based my selection on few reviews...

Thank you for answer yet again!
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All PSUs are made in China basically. I've seen a few made in Thailand or India for example (and boy were they crappy), but the vast, vast, vast majority are made in China, so good luck finding one not made in China. There's nothing inherently wrong with things made in China either. The highest-end AND lowest-end PSUs are made in China. Ultimately you can't trust a PSU by its brand alone. Some brands like Thermaltake and Cooler Master have good and bad units. Your Thermaltake SP-630 isn't bad.
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