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I have an XFX 7970 Oc'ed to 1160/stock memory, it's been this way for 3-4 weeks no crashes, this is the maximum stable OC because 1165 = Unigine crash (but games can run up to 1170, but w/e)

Powertune in CCC has always been set to 0%, so today i figure I'd increase it to the maximum +20%. Loaded up Witcher 2 and not more than 5 mins, black screen, and loop to desktop with notification, "Display Driver has stopped responding and has sucessfully recovered". If i load the game again without restarting PC, I'd get 10 fps.

So after restarting, I figured I'd try again, same thing after 5 minutes of play. Also noticed slightly lower avg fps before the driver failure.

Lowered the OC, same thing.

So i figured 1+1=2.... The only thing that has changed since this problem occurred was increasing the power tune. So I put it back to 0%, and re OC'ed back to 1160 an hour ago and seems back to normal for about an hour or so. [wait, that rhymes] (I don't like to speak so soon because anything can happen). Seemed weird though. I thought increased power tune would increase stability if anything (even though it was stable to begin with). Anywho, explanations anyone? It's not really in "issue" because I could give a crap how 'low' my powertune is, once the OC is good and stable.

Ahh, forgot to include temps and drivers.
GPU Temps under 65C at a whopping 47% fan speed, under load for hours. And I live in a human microwave, all thanks to my intake side and bottom 120mm's
Running 13.2b6
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