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Does anyone have the Asus MX239H?

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So the hunt for a 75hz non-grainy 23-24" IPS monitor continues... every monitor out there seems to have some kind of fatal flaw:

Asus VG23AH - this would be absolutely perfect if not for the passive 3d lines
Dell S2340L - RTC overshoot
Dell U2312HM/U2412HM/U2410 - grainy
Eizo FS2333 - $450 for a 1080p
NEC EA244WMi - actually considering this if it supports ~75hz

So I've come back to looking at the MX239H. Does anyone own this? Can anyone who owns this try getting 75hz on it? Here's the post with instructions for reference: http://hardforum.com/showpost.php?p=1038342324&postcount=6

Thank you!
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So... I hope I'm not too late. I'm on my third monitor in two months, and I know exactly how you feel. I have just purchased the MX239H and I'm VERY satisfied. This is coming right after trying to VG23AH (the passive 3d lines gave me eye strain) Color was fantastic, just couldn't handle the lines. I just got the MX239H and it does OC, not up to 75, but 72hz. That's the max it can take. Colors out of the box are very close to the VG23AH which had perfect picture OOB.

So. If you are looking for a monitor. This one's very good. I'm also using a 1.4a HDMI cable not the included DVI to HDMI.

Mine had an issue where the thin metal strip at the bottom of the screen was peeling on both sides, contacted ASUS support... they recommended using a little bit of super glue or dual sided tape. I'm testing that right now with clamps to make sure it sticks. (stupid I'd have to do that on a brand new monitor) But oh well.

Also, use Trace free 60 or 80. No overshoot and very very very faint ghosting, I cant notice ghosting when OC to 72hz with Tracefree 60.
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