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Alright so ive currently got 3 2tb drives hooked up to my perc 5i and every time I try to initialize my raid 5 array one or two drives fall out of the array with "errors"

When the drives are hooked up in positions 4,5,6 on the drive only one drive fails (same drive every time even if the cables are switched) almost instantly before the initialization has reached even 1%. Now when I hook up the drives to the other port on the card in positions 1,2,3 I am able to make it to 3-5% initialization before two of the drives drop out of the array with errors.

-I have switched cables between the drives with no effect or change in which drive fails.]
-Switching to different ports on the controller has no effect (except to increase the number of failed drives.)
-I have tried setting all 3 drives up in raid 0 and was able to initialize the raid but ran into errors when formatting
-All drives work just fine on their own and have been checked with chkdsk, SMART and WD disk checking utility and formatted with no issues on the motherboard controller.

any help or ideas are more than welcome. Im leaning towards the 5/i being shot but since its the same drive or drives each time im getting confused