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Getting a Phenom II to 4GHz has never been particularly easy.
I barley got my old 1090T that was under water to 4.

And thats only made worse by your motherboard.
With the exception of their Flagship stuff like the XPower boards, MSI boards usually have AT BEST mediocre power delivery.
And that board only has 4+1 phase and poor quality mosfets.
i.e. its not a board that will get you to 4GHz without putting up a massive fight.

Doesnt mean it cant be done, just that its going to be a headache.

Im no expert on AMD overclocking.
Especially under less than Ideal hardware circumstances.

Ill let the experts help. thumb.gif

Problem is when I first build my rig, I was cutting corners to make it fit in my budget and ended up being cheap on the motherboard. I didn't know anything about computers back then (and I am still learning A LOT DAILY!) but I never thought about the possibility of overclocking and even less about what would hold me back if I did.