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smex thank you for replying i will overclock my gu as well but i want to ask when i playing games far cry 3 for example the 4 cores are not fully used 100% not loaded 100% is that normal ?
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yes, thats normal.. the cpu you have with 4.4ghz can even serve tri sli / tri fire relatively well.
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hi i wanna try to puch my cpu to 4.6 where should i start with which volts ? start with 1.275 is it about right ?
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find out, nobody can tell you correct, every chip is different. try to find your way slowly up.

prime> custom> size from 1344 to 1344 ...and allocate more than the original 1.6 gb of the ram.. use 12000 for example instead of the 1600...
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why should i reduce the ram ? i just wanna overclock the cpu
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no you dont reduce ram.. this test method determines faster if you got enough vcore or not instead of doing normal blend and waiting much longer
there is no reduce.. just tyoe in where it says

min fft size 1344 max fft size 1344

memory to use in mb 12000 or all ram and its ok.. THE THING is that no app you use take so much ram and its completely unreal for you to need that kinda stability
so even with 10000 it should be ok .
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On mine 1.275 is what I use for 47x100 should be good for a starting voltage. As you go past 45 a few changes might need to be done to make the cpu stable llc I use level 2 or 3. It produced less vdroop and pll voltage I dropped from 1.83 to 1.6 volts seemed to drop temps by a couple degrees good luck hope you can get 46x100 with nice temps still.
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Ur CPU power thermal control is 130 or 140 ?
For 47
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I tried 1.275 v for 4.6 and I had bsod in the first min of test
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What volt should I use for 4.6 and the CPU current capability leave at 100% or raise to 140% ?
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