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Unlock cores on 960T, MB = 760GM-P34 (FX)

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Hi, newbie here smile.gif looking to unlock cores 5 and 6 on 960T Zosma CPU. Motherboard is an MSI 760GM-P34 (FX). Mb touts the ability to unlock cores/overclock, etc... So far I have messed with: "Unlock CPU Core" and "Advanced Clock Calibration". Any combination with clock calibration results in me having to pull the cmos battery (I think choices are Auto, All cores and something else). Unlock CPU alone does nothing. I even tried to turn off some existing cores as a test - all result in pulling cmos frown.gif Part of me wants to concede, just call it a 4 core and move forward with overclocking. However, I swear I saw 6 cores in my early configuring (system just would not enter Windows). So I figured I'd back down things. Does anyone know a logical order to try these things in? Is it possible even, "Trying" to unlock the cores destroyed them? I have lots of fans and a giant Coolermaster hyper 212. The machine is freshly built and only one for 10-15 mins at a time.
Thanks all,

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Hi all. I got a response from the MSI forum which leads me to believe unlocking is not possible. I think this thread can be closed.

From MSI -
"Usually the cores are locked off as they have been deemed defective in the manufacturing plant where they where produced! they might work for a short while if there quite defective but will eventually kill the defective cores permanently (possibly fusing the core solid). its only ones that have very minor defects like maybe 1 or 2 miss-formed transistors per unused core that will operate permanently without any problems but its never guaranteed that unlocking cores will work at all as its down to exactly why the core isn't used in that model that is unknown (could be its terribly messed up or it could just be a minor problem) its all 50/50 if it will work.

so if the feature isn't working then your out of luck and the cores have finally given up!"
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Core unlocking isn't guaranteed. In addition, you shouldn't attempt it with this motherboard, big chance you may blow the VRMs trying. Same goes if you move forward with overclocking. Avoid both until you can get a new mobo to attempt it safely. This is a very low end board with 4+1 phase VRM (no heatsink) on failure-prone design. Check out my thread (VRMs & MOSFET info, link in sig) and the databse on VRM failures (linked through that thread), low end MSI boards with VRM designs such as on this one have seen many failures.

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Thanks for the warning xd. I have already given up on the unlock and done a mild overclock. It's a shame they sell this board touting specifically what I was trying to do http://www.msi.com/product/mb/760GM-P34--FX-.html
I figured my chances were 50/50 and took the gamble. I'm happy enough with my 4x..........for now smile.gif
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