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Problem recognizing 3tb drive win 8(RESOLVED)

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Storage has never been my strong suit, I view this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge.
2 Samsung 830's 256gb Raid 0(boot)
1 Seagate barracudo 3 tb (storage)
Asrock Z77 extreme3 onboard raid
Win 8

Just threw in the hard drive after previously running both ssd's in raid thru the integrated raid software(a completely stable system). The problem I'm encountering is, the hard drive is both being recognized as a raid volume as well as only providing 746 gb through the windows storage configuration wizard.

If i disable raid through the motherboards software, I can't access my 512gb boot volume on my ssd's, likewise, there doesn't appear to be options to only specify the ssd's for raid even though they are sitting on a different controller. Additionally, I cannot create a raid volume of 3tb using the single hdd.

My intuition tells me the issue lies design of asrock raid software or I'm missing something entirely to obvious and I'm incompetent.

(bios identifies the hdd as 3tb so its not the drive)

Problem may IS NOT be intel smart storage drivers(http://www.servethehome.com/fix-746gb-3tb-hard-drive-issue/)
Edit: current driver past version 10.1

Edit: proper picture

Edit Edit: currently using a work around thru seagate discwizard, dividing disk into 2 partitions, 2gb and .7ish gb.
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Format it as GPT.

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Exactly what Sean said. Anything over 2TB has to be formatted as GPT instead of the regular MBR.
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danky kindly, will attempt as soon as LoL game is over.
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While following your guide step by step did not produce the needed results, it helped me come to a solution. When I produced a GPT volume thru diskpart, it still only read 2tb, but when i formated to GPT thru diskwizard, it produced a 3tb volume.

Resolved, thanks both of ya
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