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So, it does depend on the type of motherboard when OCing the CPU. I have an i5 3570K on a GB Z77X UD3H version 1.0. This mobo is a pain. Highest I can OC the CPU is 4.5GHz at 1.30V. When in BIOS the mouse lags and sometimes freeze to the extend I have to hard-restart. Is it the mobo?

However, my main Q: I have 2x Sapphire HD 7950 with Boost (Dual-X fans)(SKU 11196-16-40G). Not sure which BIOS these GPUs have as stock and I haven't changed the BIOS. There are 2 BIOS which I can change by flicking a switch on the GPU. Stock OC is 925MHz/1250MHz. ATM, running XFire and OCing with MSI AB, I'm only getting 1470 score running Unigine 4.0 at extreme on 1920x1200 and at 1150MHz/1500MHz . Using Sapphire Trixx only gives me a score of ~700 and one of the GPU must actually be idling when running Unigine benchmark. Running 3DMark 11 at 12xx by 7xx reso only gave me a score of under 11,000. Am I doing something wrong with my OCs?

Furthermore, in MSI AB, I cannot change the voltage control like I can with Trixx.

And, should I be running CCC or uninstalling it if using MSI AB?


NB, the ASIC qualities of both 7950s are in the lower range, ~60-65%. I did have a ref GTX 670 with an ASIC of ~89%!

Are you running your benchmarks in full screen? Not in windowed mode? You should take a look at the GPU usage with MSI AB after running a benchmark and see what is going on there. Take a screenshot of MSI AB and post it here so I can take a look at it.