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Telenor (The largest telecommunications company in Norway) recently made a mistake when putting their Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE up for sale, selling them for 1 Norwegian Krone(NOK) ~ 0.17 USD (In todays currency) and that is without any contract. In the short time period the offer was up, 700 people managed to order 1100 tablets.

This happened tuesday earlier this week, and while Telenor didn't know what to do at first, they quickly send out a mail the day after saying that all purchases were invalid. However, after a loads of complaints rolled in, they came out with a statement yesterday that said everyone of the 700 people that ordered would be recieving one tablet each.

Now, I've always said that I don't need a tablet, but missing out on getting on when it cost $0.17 with no contract makes me kinda sad. One thing that also gets to me is that some people even complained after being told they would be getting one tablet, but not two.. They should be glad they're getting them so cheap in the first place. As this results in a loss of about two million NOK ~ $349 000 as the usual price for these are above 3000 NOK ~ $523.

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