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New pump ? - Silent + powerful (Homemade blocks)

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Finally I can afford a new pump, but what will you buy ? - Already got a old 10 Watt Laing DDC, but is thinking about getter something better ?

- My build will be mITX = Small
- Will have 2 Rads, Alphacool ST30 + UT60 (At the moment)
- Will be cooling: CPU, Chipset, Memory + Fullcover - All homemade blocks, so maybe not the best when it comes to low resistance
- Must be LOW noise - This is very important

Have been searcing, and it looks like these two will be the best ?

Swiftech MCP35X 12v PWM Controlled Water Pump

Or a D5 variant

EK D5 X-Top Acetal Pump Top CSQ w/ Alphacool VPP655 Variable Speed Pump Installed

Or something else ? - Maybe a total new DDC just around the corner ?
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Generally, D5 is more quiet than DDC variants. I have MCP35X and it's bit noisy at mid rpm if not well decoupled.

But MCP35X has pwm controller which lets you set a pump rpm profile for CPU temp. So you can keep the pump very low at idle and high at load. Also, compared to D5 variants, MCP35X is more powerful.

If you can decouple the pump reasonably well, I recommend MCP35X here.
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Thanks thumb.gif

Is reading about the MCP35X from Martin:


But found this D5 PWM, that sounds really great:

- King of Pump Silence (The most silent pump tested to date)
- Extremely High D5 Reliability – 50,000 hours MTBF
- Large PWM rpm range (800-4790RPM), larger range than manual models


+ a nice top ....
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Still no shop in EU that is getting the Swiftech MCP655-PWM-DRIVE mad.gif .... Prices here in Denmark:

Swiftech MCP35X = ~ 130 Dollar
Alphacool VPP655 Single Edition = ~ 103 Dollar + Top
Swiftech MCP655 = ~ 139 Dollar

If I dont find the D5 PWM drive, it looks like it will be the VPP655 + a nice top ...
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Have you looked into just getting a replacement board for your DDC pump?

There's some reviews of them on Martin's site.
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