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Since the last LED to light up before the shutdown is the DRAM LED, i would guess its probably a memory issue. The first thing i would suggest for that is to check all of your memory modules are seated correctly in the slots, especially on the the lower part of the slots towards the bottom of the motherboard since due to the one sided clip solution ASUS uses on the CHV-Z, sometimes the ram modules do not get fully slotted in.

Secondly, use the "MemOK!" or "GO BUTTON" during boot to cause the motherboard to try and find the right RAM settings to allow your motherboard to boot successfully. If you don't have the manual to check how to do this, all you have to do is to press the GO button before POST to enable MemOK!

If your BIOS version is indeed 1101, then there is a new version available (1302) and it is recommended that you update to that BIOS. this may help to solve any problems if they are being caused by the current BIOS.
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I've checked the RAM, everything is set in there properly, & I've used the "GO BUTTON" & got the same results
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As ive stated before the bored is DOA the light ends on 2nd one and boots off i had the same issue spent weeks trying diff bios chips 1302( asus sent me) and bought 4 diff sets of ram (one being listed as compatible ) and had no luck so ive sent it in over 2 weeks ago
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The Board Isn't DOA, since the OP stated that it was working before installation of the New CPU Cooler.

Considering the board was working correctly before the installation of the Thermaltake Water cooling Solution, have you tried taking the thermaltake cooler off and swapping it for the previous (stock?) cooler to make sure it isn't the new thermaltake water cooler creating the problem in some way?
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