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Originally Posted by cheeesus View Post

just telling it like it is smile.gif.. Post some more pics.. The rear green panel looks sick too! I looked up the case, n I'm assuming you did a paint job on it.. ?

Yea, I redid all of the paint, as well as quite a few other things. Those are all the pics I have and it isn't at home now, so I can't take more. Maybe if I can get it home in the next few days I'll take a few more.
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I would not suggest this: but it works, is cheap, difficulty 6/10.
I marked off the 120mm (4.5 inch) holes that i needed to cut on top for a 120mm fan and my psu.
I bought a set of cheap holesaws (non bi-metal) but it said it could be used for cutting through metal.
After that i tried to cut through the top but the holesaw was just rubbing through the surface, but it wasnt going all the way through.. even after 20 minutes of drilling (using the holesaw attachment obviously)
This was my first attempt ever at modding the case, this is what the result was with a not so powerful drill and non bi metal holsaws:

Now after all that frustration, i borrowed what i could get my hands on :

I do not recommend using this but it got the job done, You will be better off with a jigsaw or a good drill and 4.5" bi metal holesaw, ii borrowed most of my tools to save money and invest it on internal hardware for the pc.

Final Result :

Edges may look like that they're not neat enough.. but that is just the masking tape which is all shredded making the cuts look rough,
Then i also used a circular hand file to clean those edges.

Now with the tool i used to cut the holes, it kinda messed up the paint around the holes that i cut.. its not visible in the pic but i noticed it when i removed the masking tape.
But i have a solution for that too, im gonna get 2 good fan grills like : mnpc overkill fan grill and screw them on top to cover it up.

Like i said it was my first attempt so don't hate..
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well your paint job looks pretty neat, i posted a few pics of the case im working on currently. I might paint the rear panel green as well.. but lets see. i also want to work a custom front and top panel.
I wish there was a way to buy just the alienware r4 alx chassis for an affordable price.. really dig its looks, but since there isnt i am thinking of ways to make a top panel air vent, even if its manual n not automatic.. Dont even know how its gonna be possible..
Well as for the pics, no stress bro..
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I was gonna crack a gay joke
butt fudge it
i drilled some big ass holes instead. tongue.gif
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Bill from mnpctech just cut a 240mm rad hole in the top of a Dell XPS case, and those are thick. You can just do what he did.

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Bill Owen is the boss. I got into modding only because of him. The guy is the best and an inspiration.
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