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TLDR: I hate my motherboard color and want to cover it, scroll down for pictures and questions I have.

I just recently built my first computer. It wasn't until I put it together (which I absolutely love it) realized I wanted to take it a step further and make it look beautiful on the inside. I want to custom sleeve my cables, add another GTX 670 FTW to SLI my setup and water cool my system. I am currently using the 400R (have no plans on upgrading to a new case) and will be modifying the side panel to add a large window, so I can see all my work. I didn't have all this in mind in the beginning (wish I did) and I want to color coordinate the inside blue/white/black, but my ASRock Extreme4 Z77 does not go well with that theme. I could just ignore it and do everything else in that color and I'm sure it would look good and get praise from friends, but it would always nag at me that it's just not "complete".

Firstly, here is my motherboard: ASRock Extreme4 Z77 (Click to show)

Now, I am new to computer hardware, in the sense that I know how to install parts, put a computer together, take it apart, diagnose it to find out why it's not working, but I don't have a good knowledge about many things, such as what every thing on the motherboard actually does (as far as each heatsink, not sure really what the north/south bridge does other than the chipset, what, if any, memchips on the mobo should have heatsinks and it what scenarios would that be needed, or if I just wanted to for looks, which would/could I put them on). I, like probably many other people here, have been known in my family as "the one who is good with computers" do to the fact I could tell them not to buy e-machines and remove spyware from their computers. But not I finally want to actually be "good with computers".

So my first question on my quest to building my dream computer (being married with two kids and talking my wife to buy parts and do all this restricted, but my "dream machine" [term used very lightly] none the less).
Heatsinks/memchips? (Click to show)
Here I whited out the heatsinks and wanted to know if those could be panted in anyway, and what would be the best type of paint to use on them. I plan on overclocking my 3570k to 4.3 to 4.5 (not sure if these heatsinks would be effected by the temps at all) and want to make sure the paint stays. While I'm on the heatsink, what memchips on the board can have small heatsinks applied to them (I would assume any really), this would just be for looks really.

My second question is could plexiglass be used to cover portions of my motherboard (since I hate the color) and not effect the temps/anything else with the board? White represents the area I would cover (Click to show)
I would probably use a 3/16 thick plexiglass, but not sure on the finish. I've thought about covering it with some 3M tape that is black or white carbon fiber 3M or possibly making it a foggy look and using some white LED's on it (saw a BEATS headphone display at Target today and thought it looked great). Plexi colors (Click to show)
Black/White Carbon Fiber 3M

BEATS Frosty Display

I'm leaning more toward the black carbon fiber and using white in other areas to accent it, like maybe on the heatsinks if possible

For cables, I am going to be sleeving them all myself (haven't decided the exact color scheme of white/black/blue to use on it yet, but those slots that are labeled where they would run through, I got inspired by another post on another forum. I like the idea of black carbon fiber M3 background with white "sleeve guides" and a "sleeve locker" on the plexi to keep it in place (see forum link) Sleeve guides/locker inspiration (Click to show)

I would do the "sleeve guides" in transparent white plexi, and the "sleeve locker" which would be screwed to the main plexiglass be covered in the white/black 3M (opposite color of the main plexi color on the board)

The large empty space on the right is where I would mount the reservoir I plan on getting (a cylinder style one) Reservoir Placement (Click to show)

And finally, on the SLI'ed GTX 670's, I have ordered one back place from TRIPTCC.COM and would order a second matching one, then on the side of my card, where the OEM sticker says "EVGA GeForce GTX 670 Signature 2" I would cover it with blue 3M Carbon Fiber. GPU Blue 3M (Click to show)

Anyone able to answer the questions about the heatsink paintability (is that a word?) and covering large portion of the motherboard with plexi would be a great help, as well as any ideas/tips/hints you care to share with me, on my first custom build.
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