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OC my core2duo e8500 3.16ghz help

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ok i have a dq35jo mother board i know its a intel one and its old so is my cpu and i have setfsb and i know my pll its cv183apag
. well i tried rasing my fsb my 10/..i cant it freezes...but if i set it 9 it dosent freezes but i dont really get any speed increse at all. what is wrong? i mean i should be able to go higher right??? any help...is it my ram? or what? please help:mad:
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Bump the PCI Freq a few notches that will help stabilize your FSB. Keep it under 120MHz biggrin.gif

I highlighted below what you need to adjust!
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ok i did but i cant push that any higher than 1 notch...then it freezes...i found out i can bumb my mhz to 11...but tahts it ;/
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Please sent us a screen shot of your SetFSB please.

I'm pretty much using the same hardware as you are. I'm using the same chip and PLL generator and I'm able to run the following Overclocks no problem.

3.5 GHZ
45 PCI
325 FSB

3.6 GHZ
330 FSB

3.7 GHZ
50 PCI
341 FSB

3.8 GHZ
60 PCI
351 FSB

3.9 GHZ
60 PCI
362 FSB
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ok sorry i did not reply but heres me just opening the program with out nothing ok now heres me going up about 10 mhz now problems so far ok now heres where i bumb up the pci thingy by one notch becuase if i dont it freezes there after all that i cant go any further no matter what the pci frequicy dosent help at all ;/ i hope that help :?
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You only set the PCI to 101... pump that bad boy up to 115 or does it not let you? redface.gif
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ok i will try to be detailed on here ok...i bumbed the fsb up to 215 and the pci to 36...no freeze smile.gif well i tierd to bumb the pci to 115 as you said it dosent freeze instaly but it makes every thing lock up :/ then i tired kjust bumbing up the pci to 37 instead and the fsb to 216 and no freeze still but i cant get past 216...idk what to do...is it my ram timeings? power supply witch is 385 wats? idk what it is i just want to go to go to 3.5 max oc for me...not much frown.gif
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it should be simple to solve seeming as you have simler specs as mine>-< maybey im not bumbing up the pci at the correct fsb ? when should i bumb up pci??every 10 mhz???idk its so confusing i can overclock my gpu easy lol no problems with my gpu just my cpu
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and i just making shure my pll is a cv183apag just reminding you cuz i saw you screen shot and i noticed it said cv193cpag just makeing shure tahts what your talking about :?
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ok last one i also have ram that run at differnt timmings and speeds one runs at 600 mhz the other around 500??the lowest speed i can set is 600 somthing mhz the next is 800?maybye if i took out the slower ram i could go higher>>idk im just thinking to hard lol
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