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Poll Results: 670 vs. 680?

  • 58% (7)
    MSI 670 Power Edition
  • 41% (5)
    MSI 680 Lightning
12 Total Votes  
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Gigabyte WF3 670
MSi PE/OC 670

those 4 are not the average 670's and run next to the 680 but if not on sale cost only slightly less than a reference 680.
the 670 in general is a better by than the 680 (price/performance).
it's a close call and considering the 680 Lightning is a beast I'd say it depends on pricing.
which can you get on sale.?
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Originally Posted by Skorpian View Post

Just for the record, you can't game on two monitors only. Either one or three. At least I know FPS games will be horrible on such a setup, IDK about others.

Not quite true there are a few games that uses dual monitor setups, Sup-Com being one of them to springs to mind.
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