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I am trying to configure a security camera DVR for remote access using iPhone/Droid apps and remote web access. However the business class WNDR3700v3 router wont let me log on to configure any of the ports. I cant even see what they are. The only thing it will allow me to do is set up names and passwords for web log on, parental controls, ready share type stuff. There arent even any drivers I can down load for this router. Apparently the only ones that can do this is a an ISP tech that has their security protocols. Of course they want to charge extra for the service call, to come out and tell me what it is so I can configure my DVR, or they can configure the router for remote access to the DVR. Doesnt matter. What I need is a program that can read what these settings are for each item connected to the router. Mainly the Web, Media and Remote/Portable Ports. It already has a static IP, and I can read that using DirectIP, and CC can give me the MAC, DNS and such, but not what I need. Anyone have any ideas.