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As I said it worked fine not a problem Im going to try my molex single pin removal tool at the weekend its slightly thinner than the Lamptron
as I dont like the idea of expanding(distorting ) the plug(socket) to much when sliding the single pin removal tool into the side of the plug. What the problem is the retaining part of the pins in the corsair PSU seem to be flared out more and when you push a normal pin removal tool into you socket the removal tool tend to spread as there thinner and cant move the retaining part of the corsair pin in far enough to (release)remove the pin from the socket so as the single pin removal tool is slightly thicker I slide this down each side and gave it a flex to push the pin retainer on each side of the pin closer to the pin it self :)and then use your pin removal tool as per normal it works every time for me any way smile.gif