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Would a eVGA SuperNOVA NEX650 work?

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Hello i would like to know if a eVGA SuperNOVA 650w would be enough for my "current" build, i just resently upgraded motherboad, cpu and ram, then about a month later my graphics card (MSI R9870 hawk) "died" (i actually killed it totally by trying to fix the fans..) and i thought now that im buing a new gfx and case i could might as well buy a new PSU.
My old PSU is some sort of Raidmax 1000W i got for allmost nothing at the time, but it has got some damage to some of the 6-pin connectors because of a watercooling accident that killed my old-old gfx (asus 4890 i think it was..) and anyhow its just not all that good a psu in my opinion.

Anyhow for as well as i build goes, this is gonna be it:

Asus sabertooth Z77.

Intel i5 3750K.

8gb geil black dragon.

Asus Matrix 7970P (thinking of buying, now that my old one died, but im open for other suggestions)

corsair 60gb force gt

1tb wd black.

So would a supernova nex650g be enough, and what are your experience evga's power supplies?
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Yes, it would be plenty, but it's really not very high quality, vastly overpriced usually. If you're after the looks and cables, it's not something you need to stay away from, but you can do a lot better in terms of the quality and electronics, for the price.

How much would you be overclocking the HD 7970? You can get away with either some less wattage or a whole lot less wattage.
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I would like at least a semi modular psu, and then i found that one for around 800DKK (~$139) and thought its cheap, because its fully modular and gold certified, and nothing else fully modular and gold certified comes close to the price of that one, but i can get semi modular Thermaltake, Corsair, Zalman, Antec and others for arround the same price.

And i dont know how much im gonna overclock the 7970 yet, but i would like to see how much i could actually get out of it, and then run it at a litlle less than that.
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It's the cheapest design on the market that reaches 80 plus gold, so they're ripping you off.

It's hard to find power supplies in some markets that have all the same features, at a reasonable wattage, but here's another grievous overkill 650W 80-plus gold modular (almost fully):

That's Lepa G650-MAS, much higher quality, for 739 DKK.

If you just want something that's better or equivalent in quality but not necessarily 80 plus gold (how useful is a few points of efficiency, anyway?), then there are cheaper options. More so if you look at non-modular as well.
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I didnt know that, dont know much about PSU's, but thanks for the info.

Well it doesnt matter if its gold certified, but like i said, for that price its hard to find.
A few points of efficiency doesnt matter that much either, i have it dont really care if its bronze, silver, gold or what ever, as long as its a high quality PSU, and i would really like it to be atleast semi modular. smile.gif

But just so i can get an idea of what brand to go after, what are the best PSU brands out there?

And btw im willing to pay up to around 1000DKK (~$175)
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