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Im a bit confused! I need to buy a laptop soon. Here are my the two final winners on my list : Asus K55VD With Core i7 and Lenovo U410 Ultrabook with Core i5...

Both are good and can be useful for me... Lenovo machine is very light, fast due to the SSD and have longer battery life. I can take it anywhere I like. Some times, I wish I could move away from my PC and write a blog post peacefully. I don't like this chair tongue.gif. The Ultrabook is perfect for that. But I need Linux. Lenovo U410 have some issues with Linux. If I need Linux, I need to give up the SSD cache. Thats pointless.

The Asus K55VD is very powerful. I can install both Linux and windows on it without any issues. But, its heavy and bulky. It also doesn't have a good battery life like the Ultrabook.

So, what should I pick? Please help me!

PS : Actually, im a blogger, a web designer and a developer. I mostly use Linux because its easy for development. But I also need windows to test software and for designing work (Photoshop support only Windows and Mac). I already have a powerful PC where I do most of my work. So I don't need the laptop to replace that. Here's what I need from the laptop :

- I don't like to stay in the room whole day infront of the PC. I like to go to a different place in the house or to a park and write a blog post. For that, I need a light laptop.
- I need a laptop to go to my clients and show them my design. I also need to be able to do small changes according to the client's needs infront of him. But for that, I need Linux. Also need a bigger screen like 15.6.
- When I go away from home, I need the laptop to replace my PC and do all my work.