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***Hey guys im new to the forum and i wanted to share my build with everyone. I plan on going watercooled for my gpus and cpu very shortly, for now ill just share where im at currently.

Motherboard : asus p9x79 pro

Gpus : 2 4 gig gtx 680's

Cpu : Intel core I7 3820

Ram : Corsair vengance 1600 16 Gb

Hard drives : 2 Intel 120 gig ssds in raid zero and a Western digital 750 gig 750 rpm HDD

PSU : Corsair ax 760

Cooling : Corsair h70 for now

I started with an hp desktop and got into gaming a little bit and wanted to push the graphics settings farther. Seems like just yesterday although my computer has undergone a complete transformation. Its by no means done, i understand the corsair ax 760 is cutting it too close for a gtx 680 sli setup so im running the processor at stock speeds, no optical drive, and gpus slightly underclocked. Honestly im having no problem maxing most games on surround resolution with the exception of crysis 3 and far cry 3. Ive noticed my gpus getting fairly hot due to being cramped in a mid case. Luckily i have an NZXT switch 810 about to arrive so everything will look much better in the next couple days. I plan on a custom watercooling loop to finish the final product. Anyway heres the build, try to be nice i understand i have no options for cable management in this mid case and the psu definilty needs to be stronger, very very soon things will change.
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