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One thing that I feel would be very cool for closed loop manufacurers to do is allow customization to their products. Now I dont mean like modding or anything like that. But kind of like a Nike ID type thing where you can setup the thing exactly the way you want. For instance sa billy over hear isnt happy with a 240 radiator cuz he has room for a 360 no problem use xxx companies customizer you can get that in a closed loop system with a 360 radiator. You could do things besides just radiators such as tubing length, tubing diamator, color, come with different fans, better pumps,, etc. Not only would this increase sales because of that cool customization aspect but it would allow users that couldt fit a closed loop in their sysyem before to get it customized so they can fit it. Also its been proven that if you have a game aspect to something (like a flased based picker), for instance Nike ID's customizer, that people are much more likely to buy it. Tell me what you guys think, obviously I think a company could do very well by doing this but maybe you have a dfferent view.