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I'm looking at doing an externally mounted radiator for an ITX build in a CM 120 Adv. Space is at a premium.

I'm going to be cooling an OC i5-2500k & a 7950. I know the general rule is 120mm of rad per item, but I'm hoping to get this a quiet as possible. I'm planning on using bulkhead (panel) connectors to run the loop to outside the case and likely running 3/8 tubing for the space confines.Likely mount the rad using a Phobya mount (Here

Idea 1 - full custom loop about $430 total
- an apogee drive 2 pump / block
- a 7970 block (my 7950 is a 7970 PCB) -> currently leaning towards a xspc raystorm block
- a Swiftech MCR320 (found for $48 - is this a good price) -> or is there a better 360 rad for about $50?
- 6x 120mm PWM fans
- swiftech micro res
- a swiftech 8-way pwm splitter / or other PWM controller

Idea 2 - use an Swiftech H2O-X20 Elite about $ 450 total
- (includes) apogee drive, pwm splitter 3 fans & MCR320-QP Res R2
- adding 3 more PWM fans
- 7970 waterblock as above.

Anyone know if the MCR320-QP Res R2 can be turned on it's edge (has a built in res)?

What should I look at instead?
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(15 items)