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Fan Settings problem in MSI Afterburner

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Hey guys , i have MSI Afterburner installed. Thing is , i have it set to User , so i adjusted the fan graph thing.
It works fine , problem is whenever i turn off MSI Afterburner / same goes when Windows bootup , since i never have it auto startup.
The fan settings are back to normal original setting which is 20% usually on idle....same goes with gaming , it's not using the settings of MSI Afterburner.

But OC etc is no problem , it's working as it suppose to be. I did save the settings to a profile too. Also i did tick auto overclock on startup.

So what am i doing wrong ? MSI Afterburner bug ??

EDIT : Sorry everyone , so i went and did some digging myself more. I just found out ! It's so simple !
I been thinking could it be CCC disturbing ? ( I even have CCC disable on startup ) then it hit me !
There's an AUTO on the fan thing ! *facepalm* i totally forgot that button.....i didn't know MSI Afterburner was actually so stupid.....i mean i press User setting , it should just automatically turn off the AUTO ! Dammit but it didn't.....so i just turn off the AUTO , save the settings again , and it works ! thumb.gif

Problem solved !
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The fan profile is an actual part of AB. In order for AB to use its profiles, it basiclly maniuplates the manual fan setting. So when activated in AB, it sets the CCC fan to manual.

AMD does not support fan graphs. Only auto, and static manual.

So if you quit AB, it no longer can use the profile.
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Ok thing got worst....when i turn off AUTO but with User Defined fan settings in MSI Afterburner, and not have MSI Afterburner running while gaming , it will run at the speed settings that you have set on the bar on the main setting page not the settings on the User Defined......

So i didn't know till i tested on FarCry3 today , so the fan it's all the while only been running 38% ,so my GPU flew up over 80 + Celcius ! Usually it's only 70 Celcius when i have MSI Afterburner running which the fan is control by User Defined settings properly.....

So problem is not solve....

So now is when MSI Afterburner is TURN OFF , the settings are set to AUTO with User Defined , it's not working as User Defined , it only works at AUTO , which is being controlled by the card itself not MSI Afterburner.....program.

So what can i do ?? Im out of ideas.....as i said CCC it's not even running in my background.

I have the latest MSI Afterburner too...only logic solution is run MSI Afterburner ea time i startup my PC ??
I hope there's no need for that kinda lame if so....not to mention it eats up memory...
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it doesnt work that way

if you dont use AB, you must use CCC to control the fan, or it will stick with whatever the last registry entry AB put in there...as i said, AB manipulates the manual fan setting, so if its not active, its going to sit at whatever it last set manual to.

either turn CCC to auto, or use AB.

there is no reason not to run CCC in the background anyway, it uses very little rescources....
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Sorry if i still don't understand , my English isn't so good , plz bear with me:sadsmiley
So your telling me even if i have all the settings right

1) I have adjusted fan curve in MSI AB, i have the User Define + AUTO, Force fan speed update on each period are all ticked.
2) Save to settings to Profile
3) Apply Overclock When System Startup
4) But I will not have MSI AB running on background / system startup what so ever.

In that case , the fan speed settings aren't going to be using the one i set in MSI AB ? But instead it's using the Default AUTO settings ? Which @ 20% during Idle for my card around 33 C....

So i did bit of experiment , with CCC. As you said above it will stay on the last setting i did for the fan.
So i used CCC , adjust it to 50% , i turn off all CCC process etc , no longer runs in background at all.
The fan speed does stays @ 50%.....

I also did notice this , I did this on MSI AB too , setting it Manually , just stay on 50% no matter what the Temp is , it does work , even i have MSI AB turn off, it will stay @ 50%

Only problem is as i said , if i want User Defined which the fan speed goes up and down accordingly on how i set to , if MSI AB is OFF , it doesn't work ! Is it because i said above , it can't work without MSI AB running on the background ??

If it is , just a YES will do , i will understand. If not , plz do explain maybe something i did wrong ? ?
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I think what u said is right. Since msi ab has a real time sensor it can manipulate the fan speeds set from user defined settings by looking at the gpu temps.
So in the narrowest sense, u will need to open and keep msi ab running in background for it to work the way u want with fan graph. If u close it, then the % set by you will work.
I'm not sure if i should tick auto but even though my gpu went to 66C it still remained at default speed of 30%.

I would like to have fan graph set for its speed while i game on OC.. without ab running in backgroud. But this won't happen as ab needs to be opened to use the fan profile.
So if i set to default 30% as it was and auto ticked, even at 66C it uses same 30% speed. So does auto function properly? When will it go above 30% at what temps?
So should i set to manually 50% all the time and auto ticked just in case ?
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