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Building Two water loops for 3930k + Tri SLI

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As the title states I'm going to be putting together my watercooling loop here pretty soon and am looking for a bit of knowledge here. I've built several in the past but none this large, My plans are to have the GPU's and CPU on seperate loops, obviously this system is going to be massively overclocked. Here's where I'm looking for some advice on radiator sizes:


2 x 420MM Black Ice Xtreme GT

Swiftech XSPC Raystorm

MCP35x2 water pump with the heatsink

Video Cards: 3 way SLI GTX 670 4GB

2 x Black Ice Xtreme 360

EK GeForce 670 GTX DCII VGA Liquid Cooling Block with the backplate

Not sure which water pump to use on this loop, or if I can use one of the pumps out of the MCP35x2 for this side. I think one of those on each loop would be able to handle the size of them but that's why I'm asking.

Fans I'm debating on, all rads are going to be in push/pull config:

Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP15

Yate Loon Medium Speed 140mm

Scythe Slip Stream 140mm

Obviously there's a lot of other parts going into this build but I dont want to list every bit and piece, I want this setup to be quiet and efficient. What I'm wondering is, is the cpu loop overkill? what about the video card loop? I could obviously swap one radiator on each loop and run a 420 and 360 on each loop instead and they may indeed be the better option, however it will make keeping the loop clean looking far more difficult.

This is all going into a Caselabs TH10 with the Extended pedestal, so both 420mm rads have to go in the pedestal.
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Alright so update:

Radiators have changed, going to be using the following:

-2 x Alphacool NexxxoS Monsta Quad 120mm in the top of the case

-2 x Alphacool Nexxxos UT60 560mm in the extended pedestal

Still debating on which rads to use on which loop, also I will be adding an EK full coverage block to the cpu loop for my chipset and mosfets.

Also going to be using one MCP655 on each loop instead of the 35x

I'd like to keep as much clutter out of the system as possible, so I'd prefer to use either the top radiators or the bottom radiators for one loop instead of one of each in each loop.

For fans I think I'm going to be using Scythe AP15's in push/pull on all the radiators, thats a total of 32 fans for my radiators!!
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