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Hello, i have problem with my mainbord (MSI Main Board Desktop AMD FM2-A75MA-P33)

I am trying to clock my cpu but its impossible, everytime i set "Adjust CPU ratio" to any number, or when i put "AMD Turbo Core Technology" to "Enabled" or "Disabled" i save changes. pc restart it self and all this settings are set to "Auto" again

If i put "Core 6 state" or "AMD Cool'n'Quiet to "Disabled" that works, it stays disabled after my pc restarts... boot settings also works.

Yesterday i was hoping that maybe there is an update for bios which would fix this problem.. I instaled Live Update 5 and he found update for bios which i instaled.. so my bios version is now newest "V10.4 / 20130115"

I bought PC 20 days ago, my CPU is AMD Desktop Athlon II X4 750K Black edition.. its good for clocking and mainboard wont let me do it mad.gif

MSI Main Board Desktop AMD FM2-A75MA-P33
Memorija Kingston DDR3 8GB 1600MHz
MSI Video Card Radeon HD 7850 GDDR5 2GB/256bit, 900MHz/4800MHz
Chassis SILVERSTONE Redline RL04B Midi Tower
CORSAIR Power Supply, Builder Series CX 80+ Bronze, 430 Watt
AMD CPU Desktop Athlon II X4 750K (3.4GHz,4MB,100W,FM2) box, Black Edition