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I m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S2 and will probably end up using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S4 when it releases in a few months. Now to the brunt of it.

I want something to hold my phone so I can keep an eye on text messages, charge it, and be semi decent looking. The kicker is I d really like to have my audio extended from my computer to this same HUB style device so I can plug in my head phones. Being able to plug in my keyboard/mouse/G13 pad would just be icing on the cake but not necessary. I m really trying to organize my desk and keep things kind of minimalistic. It has been a pita trying to find something that can fulfill these needs. I figured with so many of you guys cleaning up your rooms and being creative it might be something you've run across.

If I can't find one I will have to either compromise or my friend has a CNC and we may just have to make something of this nature.