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HI there guys this is my first post, and I request a little advice if possible?
im trying to decide on three monitors for my triple monitor setup, I want slim bezels but 120hz seems something I need to get the most out of my rig.

the monitors im trying to decide on are -

3 x benq xl2420t -


3 x asus vn247h -

the benq is 120hz but the bezels on it seem a ittle large for triple monitors from the picture :/
the asus is only 60hz and has not hight adjust but has great thin bezels :/

dont even know if the benq is anygood now im hearing about this rever ghosting and stuff :/

anouther monitor option is 3 x asus - - maybe a debzel option to?? I have no idea

will I notice the diffrence between 60 and 120hz and are the benq bezels to big for triple monitor setup?
also if I decide to go for the 120hz benq monitors could they be debezled - not confident but might be worth a go. and has anyone done this before??

thanks any adivce would be appreciated since im pulling my hair out right now..
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