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Samsung 2233 RZ repair article

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Your lovely Samsung 2233 RZ is now broken. Look what you've done. If only there was a a way to fix it. Fortunately, there's two way outs, simple repairs that you can manage to do by yourself. Let me guess, you've mistreated your lady, the panel is cracked/broken, or, option B, you've mistreated your lady and the capacitor decided to have none of it and spontaneously combusted. Either way you're stuck with no display.

There's two ways out, both of them described below along with disassembly tips. Just some quick info before we get started.

The display used by Samsung 2233RZ is called M220Z1-L09 and they usually go for ~120$ a pop. Best way to get one is probably via alibaba.com, but feel free to do some search of your own for better offers. Keep in mind that shipping won't be cheap since the panel is fragile.

Best way to get the guts is to search for 2233 Repair kit; they go for 10$ a pop on ebay and Amazon
Same goes for the inards, feel free to search for better offers.

Now that we've got the replacement parts covered, let's disassemble the beauty.

Things you're going to need:
Flathead screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Pliers (optional)
A headcrab (optional)

There's two black Phillips screws on the back, remove those with before any prying.

Grab your flathead and start prying the shell open on the upper edge as pictured below

Do it on both sides, from upper side, slowly to the bottom -

When both sides and the upper part have successfully unstuck, flip the display and remove the backside, you should be greeted with the back side of the guts.

The reason why you shouldn't mess too much with the lower bottom is because you might bend the clip holding it together, picture below

There's a few cables that you can remove intuitively, some are "hidden" beneath this steel pieces

The clips are fragile, careful when detaching them

If you're feeling lazy, write down the cable sequence for this part (it says blue/black because of my replacement)

Now that we've cleared the cables, you can flip the guts, removing them panel from the guts in the process.

Inspect for signs of burns, you'll notice a brownish tint, maybe even a distinctive smell. Here's an image of an obviously burnt chip. This is some hardcore NSFW robot gore.

Use the Phillips screwdriver and remove the visible screws, don't forget about this two on the back, trust me, you won't be able to pull the guts out without removing them first.

Some NSFW images, capacitors etc

And a few images of the infamous M220Z1-L09 panel


Now just read the thread from the bottom to top and you'll be able to assemble it with your new parts
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I have a question;)) I have 3 Samsung 2233rz monitors ( bought them a while back) and thank God are working perfectly. However I plan to debezel them. I am also using a custom vesa stand... From the pictures I see the vesa mount is actually attached to the black plastic back cover and not the actual display....
Is that correct? Do you remember?

Thx in advance
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