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Mice for Mac

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first post for me, please be kind.

I have to use an iMac at work and while the Magic Touchpad (or whatever it is called) is pretty nice most of the time, it lacks precision and speed compared to a good mouse.

I can't seem to find any really good mouse that works well with OSX, just the MX and VX Logitech mice.

At home I still use the Razer Diamondback - I have never found a mouse that suits me better (I had the Roccat Kova for a year til the wheel got stuck and going back to the Diamondback was like coming home).

I am righthanded and I use a claw/fingertip hybrid, I think.

I have tried Sensei and Xai (too high, sadly - very good otherwise), Kana (quite good, but the side buttons won't work in OSX), G9X (small shell is wonderful, but not fully compatible to OSX, I think), Savu (quite nice), Kone (too big), G400 and G500 (wrong shape), G300 (my hand really hurt), Taipan (nice, but still no driver for 10.8 and ridiculously expensive), Naga Hex (very good shape, maybe the best besides the G9X, but I lift the mouse all the time and that is almost impossible with the small knob on the left) and quite a few more that I am forgetting now.

I don't need very high sensitivity (1800dpi in Diamondback is about right), but I would love to have two working sidebuttons in OSX and a button for Mission Control / Expose. I do not mind starting Bootcamp to configure the mouse. And, if possible, no lighting on the mouse (I opened the Diamondback and cut the LED out).

Ideally the mouse would not be very heavy - that's why I have not tried the Mad Catz RAT series, but maybe I might if there are no alternatives.
I don't mind price as long as I don't feel I pay for brand (Razer Taipan for 80€ is just stupid).

Do you guys have experiences to share with high performance mice in OSX? What would you recommend?
Are there any ressources or threads that might help (I searched, but did not find anything really useful)?
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I bounce between Win7 & OS X on an iMac and have used quite a few different mice w each OS - also sounds like we use the same grip style.

Firstly, I always use USB Overdrive to set the button functions:

Predictably, I set the side buttons to browser forward/back (Command+right, Command+left). And you could of course use middle mouse button for Expose if you don't use "Universal Scrolling".

I'm currently using a CM Storm Spawn in OS X and like the grip even more than the G9x.
At times I also switch between a SteelSeries Kana and a Roccat Kone Pure (which is smaller than the other Kone models). Both work well without making any additional changes to my USB Overdrive settings.

FYI - USB Overdrive shows a minimally intrusive pop-up on startup if you choose to use it unlicensed. Registering it costs $20 and will of course disable said nag/reminder.

Hope that helps!
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Thank you for the reply!

I had tried SteerMouse, another 3rd party mouse driver for OSX, but it somehow messed up my Diamondback: after using it in OSX the mouse buttons on the left side were mapped to mouse wheel functionality. I had to plug the mouse into a very old PC with win xp and install the original drivers to reset the mouse. very weird behavior.
have you seen any similar phenomena?

the CM Storm Spawn ist a very nice little mouse, the shape is much more comfortable than I would have expected. I had one here and have had to return it since it was faulty. Maybe I will try it again.

Does the Roccat Kone Pure work with their "Easy Shift" secondary functions in OSX? One could map browser back/forward to F14/F15 in OSX and setup the mouse accordingly in windows.

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I had mixed results when I tried Steermouse a while back - don't recall anything as strange as what you described though.

Yes - the Easy Shift functionality happens on the hardware level (inside the mouse), so it does work in OS X. I like to keep it simple, so I don't use it myself but it could net you a few more shortcuts.

Spawn is great - just wish it was a bit less … red. The Xornet is a cheaper version in all black with a lower dpi/cpi.
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What I recommend is http://smoothmouse.com/ for any mouse you'll be using.
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ya smoothmouse is def interesting - unforch, it doesn't play nice with usb overdrive.
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