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Hi guys, love the wallpaper from interfacelift? do not have the time to download one by one? I have the solution for you guys. A script written in python. I really wish to share with you guys and beautify your wallpaper.

script link >

open the link and press ctrl+s to save the python file

Quick Guide

Download and install python 2.7.3

Run the script

Method 1) Double the click script
Method 2) Open cmd, drag the script and drop in the cmd

Use the script

E.g. I want to download wallpaper for my iphone 5. From web interface click "Apple" and click "iPhone 5". Your url will be like this:

In the program, enter "apple" for Resolution Ration and "iphone_5" for Resolution

Note: Ignore if you see repeated download of the same wallpaper.

Enjoy and tell me how it work for you! biggrin.gif
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