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I have an Asus Gene Extreme III with an Intel i7-950 @3.07 ghz. I have 16GB (8x2) of Gkill Ares RAM in my machine. I'm running a gtx 670, an Intel SSD, and two 7200 RPM HDD's. I have a Kuhler CPU cooler.

For the last few months I went into the BIOS and there is a preset overclock (think it's because it's a Republic of Gamers) to 3.33ghz and 3.70ghz. I've been using the 3.7ghz without issue. I put in the above RAM January 3rd and had no problems until last week.

I was getting BSOD'd once a night. Then sometimes even more frequently. My Temps range from 36C on up to 59C depending on load (plus I live in a hot climate). I did a clean install of Win7 just incase.

I ran MemTest86 while overclocked and got about 15 errors over 12 hours of run time.

I went back to stock speeds and ran MemTest again for 13 hours and got no errors.

Should I replace the RAM with new sticks just to be sure?

Thanks I'm kinda new at this.