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I don't know if AMD Catalyst has options for Vsync, But in the Nvidia Control Panel we have adaptive Vsync which if the frames drops below your set 60fps for example it will disable Vsync and let the GPU push out as many frames as it can without being held back, then once its over 60fps again it will re-enable Vsync and keep it at 60, and it will continue doing this the whole time you play. I think some games have the option for this but I don't know if AMD gives you that option. :/

Oh, and PS your temps are fine, better than my own by far. When I game I'm usually at 85C - 87C with a fan speed that is as loud as i want it ( around 65 -75% I think, I use a custom fan curve...)

Something rather strange just happened , i was playing SC II HOTS , man there were load of zergs , literally load ! Over 100 - 200 + units....
So thing is , normally in the game my GPU runs at 99% Usage , but when there was this many units , the Usage drops to 30+ % very weird....FPS definitely drops , its around 25 - 30 FPS , but when i brought them into war , it was ok , could kept it on 20 - 30 FPS , no extra dropping , so no lag there luckily ! SC 2 HOTS really eat FPS now , i have everything on ULTRA , i remember back then in WOL i could push out more FPS compared to now...maybe Drivers aren't optimized yet.

Yeah we do have VSYNC in CCC , it's pretty simple only 4 options

1) Always OFF
2) OFF , unless application specifies
3) ON , unless application specifies
4) Always ON

That's all.

I have it set to default , i believe it's either option 2 / 3 but usually i have it OFF in game.
Except certain games , no matter what i do it doesn't off , like Skyrim , Mass Effect 3 , but so far as i said on top , this 2 games no matter what happens , the FPS never dops terribly or least not that till the point i can actually see the quite sensitive , but TBH it's quite obvious when your game runs at constant 60 FPS , if it does drops to 30 FPS , even our human eyes couldn't see if it's around 30 FPS , but i could tell the difference , when i look up and i saw yup it drop down below 60 and down to 30 FPS , that's why it annoys me , i can catch the difference....if i can't see it at all , i won't mind having VSYNC turning ON 24/7....

About the fan speed , i too use custom curve , with MSI Afterburner....what GPU you have ??
Also no one really answered me this question. If i want a custom curve , must i keep the program running at all time ? Because if i turn off MSI Afterburner ( CCC never runs in my background anymore too ) it just reverts back to the default auto fan setting....but if i have it on manual setting like 50% constant no change no matter what the temp , i turn off MSI Afterburner , the speed does stays on 50%

But this couldn't work for custom fan curve settings mellowsmiley.gif pretty lame !