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What constitutes voltage lock on the 7900 series? I have two MSI 7950's. Both 7970 PCB's. One is the OC (880 core) edition. Other is boost (960).

The 880 has a stock voltage of 1.13. The 960 is 1.18. My 960 gets close to that voltage. But my 880 never goes above .98 GPU-Z . And yes this is with sliders set to 20%.

My buddy bought a MSI 7950 last week. It was a boost edition but with a 7950 pcb and a stock voltage bios of 1.25. And it would get very close to 1.25 in GPU-Z

To test I flashed that bios to both my 7950's. And both cards would not achieve hit 1.25v in GPUz. The 880 hit a tad over 1.0 and the 960 pretty much stayed the same.

The reason I am curious about this, is that I am trying to get the max OC in overdrive. I personally don't like using AB/Trixx etc.... No I am not saying they are bad programs. I just prefer to stay away from 3rd party software when it comes to hardware control.