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That is for sure. I traded my 3770k for my old 3570k + 95 bucks. I have a few GPUs, some logic boards, processors, ram, hard drives (which I RMA'd knowing they were bad. Sitting in my RAID 5 now), and got in on Smasher Bashers mystery boxes.

I always say to people I know... did you check overclock? Aha, I love the savings. Plus most stuff PC wise is generally good for people .. like everyone on here who will upgrade later anyway.. I doubt they own anything long enough to kill it. In fact, most of the things I have brought 1st hand have been DOA or broke after a few months biggrin.gif

My i7 rig in my sig / GTX 580's cost me about .. £800 Which is a pretty insane gaming PC for the price smile.gif Asus Rampage III extreme + 930 + 6GB ram + 120gb SSD I picked up a lot less than it was worth wink.gif.

Upsets me that people don't buy stuff second hand when there is some stuff you should (Water blocks / air coolers = My favorite example, what can go wrong with an air cooler? biggrin.gif)