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ASUS VS Series VS238H-P - $120 after rebate

BenQ GW2450 - $145

Both are on sale at newegg for similar prices. I play UT2004, QuakeLive and a host of other games but I'd like to keep input latency low since I'm really getting into Quake.
I feel I should mention I intend to get a Wall mount so I can set the viewing angle perfectly. I dont really get how viewing angle matters for someone sitting in a chair facing the screen completely. I'm not going to have office workers looking at the screen from the sides or anything this is for home gaming use.

I already have a Dell U2211H for desktop/webbrowsing/movies. So I have the "quality" screen covered I think. Until I can get a 1920x1200 or x1440 display anyways but thats another thread.

Which would you choose and why? Ive heard the difference between 2ms and 4ms is noticeable. Of course I would love a 120hz display but for $120-145 I think these should bring a noticeable improvement to my gaming for the next few years until the price of 120 and 144hz displays drops.

I found this good review of the BenQ but unfortunately they did not review the Asus as well. Professional reviews on that are sparse.

How close is the Asus VS to the Asus VH monitors that MLG used? Both have low input latency.

Please reply today since the deals expire today!