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OK so to start i have a decent base of knowledge where I'm confident in being the process of overclocking. But im not all the way there yet. That where the help of your knowledge base comes in. Ive been looking over the forums reading past articles, before i posted a repeat question. However some seemed tailored to a specific situation or just very general. moving on....

I started to dabble in overclocking the CPU when I first got it. Essentially all i did was increase the multiplier by 1 or 2 bringing my core speed to 3.2 ghz. Ive tried for more, but then windows starts acting a little funny. Temps where fine. So I now more goes into OC'ing then just bumping up the multiplier. thing like increasing voltage ect. Thats where things get fuzzy for me. From What I read the 960T can be decently overclocked if done correctly. I would really like to shoot for 3.4-3.6 ghz.

Sometimes I get lots in acronyms and translation of certain terms, so if you could use lots of small words to help me that would be great.

here is a screen shot of my set up to give an idea of what im working with.

If you need any more info to assist me, let me know smile.gif

Thanks in advance. thumb.gif