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well here is the link...

oc bios and vbios 4gb

but i am no expert... and i dunno all the stuff...

but i did what i can

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oc and vbios 4gb

i am no expert... but i tried and here it is..

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Is there any work going on for this for sager laptops? Especially the 9150?
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Hello all,

I used to be a casual member on here way back in the day, but left the gaming scene and since forgot/lost my account on here. *and a lot of my pc know how *

Anyways I basically stumbled across this thread a while back when it started, while I was searching laptops to buy and information in regards to them etc. Since then I have decided to go with an Asus G75vx like you all. I am receiving it tomorrow and my first order of business is going to be getting my max safe operating over clock on my 670mx.( safe voltage/temp wise, But I have no problem having to back up, then mod my bios to do it.) That said I have been out of the pc and over clocking scene for quite a while... last pc I had was 8800gtxs when they first came out. tongue.gif

So I'm posting asking if someone very experienced would do me a huge favour and work with me on trying to get the most out of my system when it comes. And in return I'd like to make a $100 donation to the site, if that'd interest anyone?

Ideally I'm hoping to try and get my 670mx on par to the performance of a 680m, even if I need to replace my power adapter with a more powerful one.

Also I just found out that the RH71 model I purchased may not include thunderbolt as was advertised to me. So unless this laptop over clocks decently I will probably rma it and upgrade to the RH72 model. *I have an 27' iMac I was intending to use as a display, but it requires thunderbolt to do so*. So basically I can have 2 shots at this.
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i used ftk program to backup bios and i have received a file backup.rom of 6144 instead of 6146 as the official asus bios.it is normal?
may i send you my backup bios version .206 in order to obtain a overclocked version?are you able to change it for me?
i give you my email address so i can send you the file: leoghiaccio@hotmail.it
who can help me?
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Yes, the size of your backup file 6144 is right.
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Hello Hhtuner
Thanks for your efforts on Unlocking and modding the Asus bios.
Can you please provide a tutorial in which show us all how to unlock our Backuped Bios and another tutorial how to overclock vBios.
and of course the safest way to flash back the unlocked modded bios.
* my backup.rom actual size is 6291456 bytes.
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Hello again
I have compared the original Vbios from Bios 204 and the modded vBios you provide and I saw that there are only tow major difference between the the original vBios and your vBios that all show in the screenshot

so if I change the exact strings in vBios 206 in the tow places then insert the modded vBios in my backup.rom cann I then overclock GTX 670mx?
wait for your comments and ideas.

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Hello again
Yesterday I have flashed back from bios 206 to 204 and boot normal in windows then I have made a backup.rom copy from the bios 204.then I have downloaded your vBios an inserted it in the backup.rom and save it. then I put it back in the bootable flashmemorey and flashed the bios from dos.then I took the battery and power cable out.then pressed the power button 10 secs. bit when I put the battery and power cable back and pressed the power button to boot the machine in windows it gives me this error:
ERROR: MXM Structure not found or invalid.post halted for 30 seconds. p-state limited to p10...15 seconds.

then I started the machine several times but the error persisted.then thanks to god I have made a copy from backup.rom and flashed it back from dos.then the machine booted normally.
What happened I do not know. I followed your tutorial????
**in the bios the vBios were missed with moded vBios.
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