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White is made when a pigment is reflecting all wavelengths. So, a white mouse pad in theory should reflect the wavelengths that mice use for their LEDs. Depending on the lens design (possibly srom/firmware) the LOD can decrease or increase. Certain surfaces can perform differently just based on color.
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You also have to factor in material itself. Even if an object is the same color and or if an LED use a similar wavelength, performance can differ dramatically regardless of theoretic properties of color.
Depending on the lens design (possibly srom/firmware) the LOD can decrease or increase.
Jep. Red Hien + the specific model of LED used in the ikari optical decreases lift off.

With LED and surfacing, it's just a matter of experimenting. There isn't a 1 size fit all solution.

Clarifying, I do like specific IR models regardless of side effects on certain pads.
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Hello people. My electronist came by yesterday and we tried a few different LEDs. We have tried yellow,red one (from ikari optical), another infrared,white, but none of them worked on icemat (he told me that it wouldn't but i insisted to try anyway). At the end we tried another red one(from I.E. 3.0) and all that it did was to further lower lift of distance which didn't help at all with icemat compatibility...So it seems that i will have to buy 3.5 g and convert it into a wmo-adder.Can anyone please confirm that it actually works with icemat on fast movements. Entous test would be most appreciated.Thank you for all your answers guys.I really hope to make a icemat compatible wmo-adder smile.gif
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You have a black Icemat. So the light is being absorbed, meaning it isn't making it back to the sensor. You need a white or red Icemat. That would be easier, I think.

I have doubts a newer DeathAdder will help much. A laser mouse would work better because the light is better directed.
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Thx popups. I will definitely try different colored icemats if i find any.I am not left with much other options. :/
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Try an alternative FW. May help, though I expect IPS speed to hit early limitation regardless.


Couple here claim their 3.5G at least "works"
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Thx sky. Nice idea for firmware, but then i will have to play with prediction :/.That thread you linked is encouraging. More people claim that it works smile.gif.I will try DA 3.5g.
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More space for hope regarding the 3.5G. My Da3.5G with IR-led works without errors on a icemat. All i did was: Swap the original IR-led back (this way i it works on my desk smile.gif )
Tbh with you i have no clue why it suddenly works pretty much perfect. I even have some lod now (about 1 cd with mousefeet). When i got it first i had to remove the feet to get some results at all with the icemat, and now this. hoe?
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Led & Enotus

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Maybe the board/sensor is closer to the surface now. As that is not the standard shell, but a modified one.
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Thunder that is great info. But what mouse shell is that?
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