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Intake Fans

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I have a Shinobi Window with the space for two front intake fans and
I'm looking for some properly quiet fans that would also be very effective.

Any suggestions?
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I just installed two NF-A14 FLX in my case. The change in cooling performance between the Noctua fans and the old Cougar Turbines I had is tremendous.

You case has two 120mm fan spots, so you can get the smaller NF-S12 FLX fan which you can order as a two-pack. It seems quiet and powerful, which is always a good combo.

If you're looking for a slightly lower-cost option, then the Cougar Dual-X fans are pretty nice. Cougar makes them with nice LEDs in different color options; supposedly there is a smoky black option too.

Finally, if you're looking for the best cheap option, then Yate-Loons are the way to go. The Loons come in low, medium, and high speed models.
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I am a big fan of making use of PWM fans when you can for case fans. This allows the fan speed to modulate as needed with no supervision from you. Noctua has the F and P series PWM fans in 102mm sizes.
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