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Z77/i3770k problems after S3 wakeup

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I have a strange problem after wakeup from S3 sleep (sleep to RAM). The computer comes back to life OK, but:

a) Some of the background applications/windows services crash immediately after the wakeup
b) I've noticed that before sleep my Vcore is 1.3V under 100% load, after wakeup it's down to 1.27-1.28 again under 100% load (I need 1.3V @ 4.6 Ghz to be 100% stable). Any ideas - I still have to try at stock, play with the various BIOS settings to figure this out, but I'm at work now so would appreciate any ideas already. Config is:

i3770k @ 4.6Ghz, 100% stable at offset voltage (1.3V under 100% load)
ASUS Sabertooth Z77 - latest BIOS 1805
DDR3 XMP @1600Mhz
PSU AX1200
GTX 295
Windows 8 64bit - latest updates

Relevant BIOS settings are - PLL volgate - default, CPU Internal PLL overvoltage - disabled, C states/Speedstep all enabled, spread spectrums disabled. HT is on, HyperV is off.

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Issue solved - of course - it was ASUS DigiPower SUITE II software! It was undervolting my Vcore by about 0.040 on wakeup from S3. Sometimes I wonder whether I am stupid - ever since their Windows BIOS updater bricked my P67 board why do I keep installing this bloated crap. Why would their software be better than their 'clear CMOS-reinstall Windows-something else? we won't reply' support?

Of course even their uninstaller doesn't work properly so now I have to manually remove their services...

[/end of rant]
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